The story of self love- from RAMA

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Today I wanted to tell you a story from my life that I thought would be helpful and inspiring!

When I was about seven or eight, I was at a point in my life where I was always alone, living life pretty much by myself.

I didn't really have friends because all the children at my school were mean to me.

The school children were mean to me due to the social programming that they were getting from many sources, the tv included.

I knew I wasn't doing anything to deserve the foul treatment I was receiving from the people around me, but I was still left with no one to turn to for friendship and kindness.

I basically didn't have anyone to play with or anyone to be nice to me, and felt the whole world basically yelling at me and telling me I didn't belong on the planet.

Does this sound in any way familiar?

Well anyways, I was walking up to my house one day after the school bus dropped me off, after having been abused that day at school by a variety of children my age.

And I was quite starkly aware that I basically had no resources in my life to turn to for comfort other than myself.

I remarked to myself "wow it seems as though no one loves me"

And at that moment, something very nice happened!

I said to myself "You know, even if no one loves me, at least I love myself!"

I decided at that moment that I would love myself at all times, and be my own best friend.

For many many years, I was my only friend and companion, and I supplied myself with all my love and affection.

In other words, I became my own power source.


The Power of Self-Love

Perhaps you feel fueled by the love of others, and if you don't and wish you did feel the encouragement of the love of others, I am here today to encourage you to LOVE YOURSELF.

For many years, my love for myself was the only thing I had going for me.

Around age seven or eight I was not able to hear the angels, and I couldn't talk to nature and the animals. I was busy learning mathematics and all sorts of artificial mental structures that were disconnecting me from Nature.

In those early years of my life I did not have a lot of physical strength to rely upon for comfort, and my intellectual pursuits in school were not deeply rewarding to me emotionally.

Additionally I did not really have friends as I mentioned earlier.

So literally, the only thing going for me, was in fact ME.

I loved myself!

This was the ONLY THING I had as a power source to help me continue my mission in this world.

It wasn't anything particularly special about myself that made me want to love myself, I just did!

And my love for myself did wonders for me!

My love for myself is the reason I was able to fight off all the cultural programming and survive so that I could start my healing business and help you become who you want to be.

My love for myself is the great power that enabled me to do the mission of creating Beauty in my life and in this world.

I encourage you to deeply consider the power of your love for yourself today.

Think about how much POWER there is in you, as you love yourself.

It was the ONLY power I had going for me, and it did amazing wonders for me!

Please deeply consider your self-love as perhaps being your primary power source, which no one can take away from you.

Oh people might even take food and shelter away from you, but no one can take your love for yourself away from you.

Please be a warrior,

claim your right to love yourself,

then proceed to love yourself,

and thus empower yourself.



Together we have PORtential!
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