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Hi there!

Today I wanted to offer you some complimentary Rama Tips on how you can increase your daily energy levels!

I have also just released a new remote healing coding that I am particularly excited about!

This new remote healing coding is designed to heal multiple systems of your body, including your liver, blood system, endocrine system, and the connection between your Light body and your physical body, with the end result being that you will have higher energy levels throughout your daily life!

You can read more about my new remote healing coding here:

Super High Energy Levels For Daily Life (c139)


Rama Tips For You

Having an abundance of energy to do everything you need to do in a day makes life a lot of fun!

Imagine feeling that you are breezing through life, flowing through all events and activities and situations, feeling super-energized and happy!

And with this abundance of energy you can find ever-new creative ways to solve problems and create new beautiful things in your life!

Here are some simple yet extremely powerful tips on how you can raise your daily energy levels:

1. Do not mix sugars/carbohydrates and fat-based foods in the same meal.

This might sound like a strange place to start, but I am speaking from extensive personal experience on this one. Whenever you mix sugars/grains/carbohydrates of any kind with fats in a single meal, you are forcing your body to release insulin and you prevent your digestive system from properly processing your meal. Your liver wants to release bile, the sugars wants to shoot through, and the fats want to sit in your belly and be slowly digested.

When you combine sugars and fats, the sugars cannot get through your system because the fats are in the way, the sugars ferment in your belly because they cant get through, causing gas and bloating, and the fats get digested at a much slower rate because your liver is confused. This slows down your overall metabolism and reduces your energy levels because your digestive system has to do so much more work to handling the improper food combining.

To avoid type 2 diabetes, yeast infections, candida infections, and general chronic fatigue, I highly recommend that you separate all carbohydrates and all fats in your diet by at least 2 hours.


a. If you want to have some fruit, eat a loooot of fruit and make it an entire meal, and then do not have any fats of any kind for at least 1-2 hours!

b. If you want to have a fat-based meal, such as eating a bunch of nuts, eat a whole looot of them so that they are a meal by themselves, and avoid sugars for at least 2-3 hours.

c. avoid processed foods, they are lower in nutrition and they generally combine sugars and fats.


2. Fill Your Mind With Beauty Throughout The Day

Your mental attitude has an enormous impact on your physical energy levels!

Make sure to monitor your thoughts throughout the day and proactively try to think happy thoughts all the time!

You will find yourself smiling more and having the energy you need to handle your daily life tasks


a. If you find yourself starting to think in a less-than-happy way because of certain events happening during your day such as people saying strange things to you, catch yourself before you get into this mental rut, and start envisioning Rainbows, Sunshine, and Beautiful Nature Scenery. Additionally if you are familiar with any of my Nature Attunements you can start envisioning those Nature Elements pouring into your body and rejuvenating you.

b. Proactively surround yourself with a strong happy magnetic field by filling your mind with Beautiful Images of Nature and joyful feelings. Contemplate such things as Pure Joy and Infinite Energy, Infinite Power, and World Peace. Envision the entire world being happy!

c. Whenever you know you've just encountered a challenging person or situation, take a bathroom break or a lunch break and gets some quite time to recenter yourself and start thinking Happy Thoughts again.


3. Eat More Paradise / Raw Foods

In my Paradise Diet system, Paradise Foods are foods that are still in the same state that they would be in if you found them in Nature.

Try to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and any foods that are not cooked or processed in any way.

You will find your energy levels going up very high if you do this!


a. Start your day with a bunch of fruit, eating as much fruit as you want and only fresh fruit for that meal.

b. When you are hungry in the middle of the day, long after your fruit meal, have a bunch of raw unroasted unsalted nuts in a container that you can munch on while working or during a short break, this is one of the healthiest snacks you can have!

c. Eat huge salads! Dont use just a tiny regular salad bowl! Eat as much leafy greens and other vegetables as you can handle, as a meal by itself!


My New Remote Healing Coding

Super High Energy Levels For Daily Life (c139)

This is a coding that I am very excited to be presenting to you!

I have been developing this coding in myself over the past several months and have been immensely enjoying the results.

This is a very holistic coding that involves assisting many parts of your body, including:

blood healing
liver healing
endocrine system healing
assisted lymphatic movement/drainage and healing
nervous system empowerment
brain empowerment
increased flow of power from your Light Body to your physical body


Benefits of This Coding

The main focus of this coding is to increase your daily energy levels throughout your daily life!

This means you will be able to tackle everything you need to do in a day with far more energy pouring through you!

This also means that everything life gets easier, as you find that you have an abundance of energy to deal with any circumstance.

So the benefits of this coding are:

increased energy levels throughout the day
healing of many body system to support these higher energy levels
harmonization of your body systems, like blood, liver, and endocrine system, so they work together better
increased connection to your Highest Self
increased connection between your Light/Energy body and your physical body
deep empowerment of your blood and nervous system
faster learning and evolution as you are more alert and happy throughout the day due to higher energy levels
you will have a beneficial influence on all people/family members around you due to your super high energy levels

More information about Super High Energy Levels For Daily Life (c139)


What Are Remote Healings?

Remote healing is a healing system that I have created in my own unique way to assist your evolution.

My remote healings are designed to facilitate your growth toward your goals in life and to support your personal Self-healing practice.

Any time you feel that you need a boost or want to cultivate yourself in specific ways, you will find my remote healings extremely helpful!

Here's a video where I describe how remote healing works!

Rama Talks About How Remote Healing Works

Here's a written description of my remote healing system:

How Remote Healing Works


List of Remote Healings

Here's a complete list of all the remote healings I have developed over more than 12 years

Rama's List of Remote Healing Codings


Have Fun Today

I hope you try out my Rama Tips for higher energy levels and have lots of fun today!

Victory To You!



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Now you can hear people's thoughts me and my services!

Audio Testimonials

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Victory to You!



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Testimonials About My Healing Services

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I update it frequently!

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Ever New Joy Testimonials



Body Activation Certification Course

Registered Body Activation Practitioner (RBAP) Certification

This is a three month course that I offer so you can add the RBAP certification and practices to your existing healing practice, or start a new healing practice!

Classes are done by phone once a week and I often have participants from around the world all in one class.

This course is about helping you to be who you want to be so you can do what you love and help yourself, others, the world, and beyond, all at the same time.

Here is a 20 minute video on the RBAP course


Telephone Sessions

I offer telephone session that usually vary in length from 1 hour to two hours. We can discuss whatever issues you are experiencing that you wish to heal! If you are simply wanting to evolve to your next greater expression, I can show you techniques you can practice daily to be more YOU! The techniques I show you for self-healing / self-evolution are simple, and we will practice them together during the phone session. To order a phone session please visit my order page.



Visit for more info!
Together we have PORtential!
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