update on what is happening planet-wide- from RAMA

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:46 pm    Post subject: update on what is happening planet-wide- from RAMA Reply with quote

(from) Visit www.evernewjoy.com for more info!

Hi there!

So, today I wanted to give you an update on what is happening planet-wide Smile

Currently all our bodies are being adapted to the incredible influx of power that is coming to this world from the Central Core of Creation.

The Central Core Suns of Creation are targeting planet earth with a laser-beam like flow of power that is designed to cleanse the planet and beautiful all the people like us.

This can explain why you might have been feeling extra tired or extra energized lately, or even if you're feeling both at the same time!

Our bodies are needing to adapt to this sudden increase of power because it is a very physical force.

This incoming power is more in the electromagnetic spectrum and is more like static electricity and gravity.

But this light and power IS a very physical force that is bombarding this planet with beautifying energies.

Since this force is physical, of this dimension, our bodies must physically change and adapt.

This means you might need more food than usual, or more sleep, or you might need different food than you usually eat.

I would highly recommend the consumption of raw honey during this time period.

Raw honey helps your magnetic/brain/nervous systems change more quickly and adapt to the new flow of power.


Victory is Ours

We have won the electromagnetic battle on planet earth.

We now have much greater control over the future of the planet.

I have been working for years to recover the future of this planet and the people like you who are helping me do this mission.

I have been fighting for years to enable you to live the life that you truly want to be living, and have the light infusing your brain that is supposed to always be there, the Light of your own Soul.

As the light of your brain is very bright and strong, it enables you to be who you want to be, all the time, and create the life that you want to be living Smile

Now, because of the new power coming to this world from the Central Core, all our futures are finally being realigned and our brains and nervous systems are healing.

Victory is ours in the magnetic sphere of this planet!


The Final Stage

The final steps of this process of planetary transformation involve physical transformation.

Your body is becoming much more responsive to your thoughts, so you should think beautiful thoughts all day.

The more you focus on beauty, the faster your physical body will heal.

No matter what is going on in your life, I encourage you to choose Beauty and think about what you love in life and what you want in your life.

The final stage of this planetary shift is something that you can contribute to by beautifying yourself and choosing to only think about beautiful things.

Doing my body activations or other techniques of physical transformation that you enjoy will help you to help this planet complete the final phase of her transformation.

You came into this world to help this transformation to occur, now I am telling you that we are almost done.

To help everything wrap up faster, I highly encourage you to focus deeply on the empowerment of your own body.

Your body has the power to shift the life experience of everyone else on the planet.

You could be the one who adds the last bit of power needed to spark the shift, to catalyze the shift that will bring us to the Golden Age we've been endeavoring to bring to this world for so long.

So have fun focusing on your body!
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:59 pm    Post subject: Planetary Healing Update Reply with quote

FROM www.evernewjoy.com

Planetary Healing Update

The governments and the military of each nation are all preparing to bring a shift to the global situation and share more information with the people about what they have been learning about the nature of this universe in their private experiments and with the use of their special technologies.

In the midst of trying to develop the best covert operation systems and military might and defense systems, the governments and the military have unlocked secrets about how Nature works that could benefit all of humanity and remove the need for the current levels of work and suffering that most people endure.

The technology of the governments and military is so far beyond what is commercially available and could enable humans to live in harmony with Nature and live abundant lives.

The world economic system is going to shift for the better soon, as the nations are banding together finally, cooperating at last.

The leaders of the word's nations are preparing a number of startling announcements for humanity, including more information about what is going on in the rest of our local solar system.

The way you can facilitate these upcoming announcements and dissemination of new information, is by living by Nature's laws yourself.

Now is the time for Mother Nature to emerge victorious!

Many beings of many dimensions and of this world have fought to control the people of this world and the unfoldment of global events.

In my opinion Nature Herself is going to win this war soon, and I know this because I am on Her Team, and so are you!

Together we are secret band of "special operatives" who are part of Nature's Army, and we are helping Her to reclaim Her Body.

All physical matter of this planet belongs to Nature, and we belong to Nature, for we are Her Children.

The planet needs humanity to live in harmony with the laws of the Universe, NOW.

Currently what is transpiring on this planet is the preparation for humanity to receive a sudden shift to every scientific and social structure, and to find that they are part of a much larger community than they at first thought.

We are all children of the Universe.

It is time for the people of planet earth to know this, and start playing nice with each other lest they destroy their own playground of the planet and the solar system.

The pollution radiating from planet earth and the pain of the people of planet earth are affecting the whole solar system and it has to stop.

So please know that you are participating in this Revolution.

You are part of the Beauty Revolution, the return to Beauty and Nature!

You participate by lovingly caring for your body, first and foremost.

The more you care for and heal your body, the more you are helping everyone else.

Victory to you!

Together we have PORtential!
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