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Hi there, how are you?!

Today I wanted to talk about what Freedom is!

Atoms are the foundation of life in this dimension, we are all made of atoms Smile

If you do something to the atoms of your body, you do that thing to your whole body!

So if you are atoms are free, then you are free.

But why would your atoms ever be bound, enslaved?

Well on this planet, there are many modern technologies which damage the atom and prevent it from functioning properly.

The improperly functioning atom results in an improperly functioning body that does not allow you to fully connect to your Highest Self Nature.

Your body is a tool of expression, something that is meant to be used by you, the Soul, the Self, for fun and enjoyment!

When the atoms that the body is made of are not working correctly, then your Soul cannot enjoy the body and then you do not feel you are the person you want to be.

You also tend to feel like you cannot accomplish your goals, because your atoms are not properly co-operating with you Smile

Magnetic misalignment of your atoms due to modern technology causes misalignment of your Highest Self and your body.

That is what is wrong with this planet, and the people on Her!

Our atoms are enslaved.

We must free our atoms so we can fully bring our Soul Nature into our bodies.

I will be releasing a song about a technique you can use to free your atoms very soon!

In the meantime, I have also created a new remote healing coding to assist your endeavor to achieve Atomic Freedom Smile

Atomic Freedom Coding (c134)

I created this coding recently after realizing what has been slowing down evolution on this planet for so long.

This modern world of ours is characterized by the abuse of the atom.

Atoms are manipulated as the primary energy source through fission reactor power plants.

The atomic bomb detonations, tests and actual uses, have badly damaged the atomic structure of our world.

Radio waves that travel all over the globe have acted to greatly inhibit the proper functioning of our atom-based bodies.

The atoms of our bodies need to be vibrating in a certain way in order for our Higher Selves to properly anchor into our bodies!

When the atoms have been magnetically mis-aligned due to interfering technologies of the modern world culture, it prevents the Higher Self, our Soul Nature, from properly entering the body.

This is why so many people feel trapped and bound.

Literally people's consciousness is locked in the atomic structure of the body, and the Higher Self cannot properly enter the body and reinvigorate the body.

I have created my Atomic Freedom coding to heal you from this issue!

This coding magnetically heals your atoms, helps them to reactivate and reconnect magnetically to your Higher Self, your True Power Source.

As your atoms heal and realign, your Soul Nature can properly enter the body.

As your Higher Self enters your body, down to the atomic level, you have an easier time with

-physical healing

-manifesting what you want for your life, such as jobs, money, healthy relationships, houses, etc Smile

-being who you want to be in life, as your atoms heal, your body becomes a fit container for your True Self and you find you really feel like you are finally "alive" again Smile

Most people are so happy when they are children because they are rooted in their bodies and in their atoms.

You have probably been away from your atoms for a long time, and this coding helps to clear, heal, and realign your atoms with your Highest Self so that you can truly be who you want to be in this world.

This Atomic Freedom coding helps you finally do the mission you came here to do, which is to be happy and facilitate the physical transformation of this world into something Beautiful and wonderful.

As you transform your own body, by healing your atoms and realigning them with your Higher Power Source, you are helping the global transformation to occur.


No matter how fast the world changes, at least you will have the joy of feeling like you are finally back in your body and have control over her again, so that you and she can dance together and put on the show of Beauty called your daily life

If you would like to order this coding, visit my order page. for more info!

Victory to You Warriors!

Together we have PORtential!
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