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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:25 am    Post subject: Food, Consciousness & Ayurveda Reply with quote

AYURVEDA describes 5 TASTES present within any type of food: salty, sweet, pungent, bitter & astringent.

These 5 tastes are the result of a combinations of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether, and thus these elements can be identified in foods through its taste.

So, our bodies are made up of 3 DOSHAS or airs. VATTA, PITTA, and KAPHA. Vatta represents the finer elements, air & ether. Pitta, the fiery element, fire (and to lesser degrees, water & air). And Kapha, the heavy elements, earth & water.

Whatever foods you eat will AFFECT your dosha. This can be good or bad depending on what your particular constitutions NEEDS.

There are ways and methods for determining your constitution and thus your recommended food intake, but I will not go into that here, for it is an elaborate, extensive science, and better seen to by someone more qualified in the field.

What I wish to discuss with you here is the importance of your consciousness when tasting food!

WHATEVER you eat (hopefully something fresh & healthy), the most important determining factor in your extraction of LIFE-FORCE from the food, is your attention and focus on the TASTE, and your mood at the time.
The taste, better known as RASA in sanskrit, is the real JUICE of what you are consuming, and is the real point where nutrition, or PRANA, extraction takes place. Digestability of your food is largely dependent on your actual TASTING of it, because the digestive organs only know what kind of acids to secrete based on the signals coming from your tongue.

Thus, one of the important rules of nutrition in Ayurveda is that your food has to be TASTY.

This is great news for us. =)

However, this does not mean you eat copious amounts of cake or pizza on the pretext of scriptural injunction. The idea is to ingest an even BALANCE of tastes, to balance your DOSHAS. And exactly what amount of which tastes you need in order to balance your doshas can be further elucidated by finding out which dosha predominates your body: vatta, pitta or kapha.
One with high levels of vata in their system, for example, should eat foods that have higher levels of earth and water (KAPHA) or salty and sweet tastes, in order to GROUND and balance their airy nature.

I will try to elaborate something more on ayurveda and doshas in another discussion. But for now, let's stick to consciousness.

An experiment was done with a carrot, a person, and a KIRLIAN camera (that takes photos of energies or auras).

First they took a photo of the carrot after being pulled out of the ground. It's aura was healthy and large. Yummy.

Then they left carrot out for a while to age, and they took another shot of its aura. Not so good. It's energy output was a bit shabby as it had started to die.
Next was the pot. In it went! After it was nicely boiled they took another shot, and to their surprise the aura was once again nice and healthy. Yummy! (although I'm sure a FRESH boiled carrot would've registered higher)

And here comes the clincher... Someone PRAYED over the carrot. Said grace, with love and gratitude. And they took another photo...
The carrot had a higher energetic output than when it was first pulled from the ground.

Says alot, doesn't it?
If any of you have eaten at a Hare Krishna temple or restaurant, this is the secret ingredient. =)
Wisdom Begins In Wonder
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