Humanity and Earth are going to great changes

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 10:33 pm    Post subject: Humanity and Earth are going to great changes Reply with quote


My vision of the future, is based on my etheric and telepathic experinces with beings from the light realms(Higher Dimensions).

The Planet and humanity are going through great changes towards a new reality, we are all connected throughout the Cosmos, and the source of creation. There seem to be cycles for evolution, and the Earth with everyhing on it are at the beginning of a new cycle.

The stuff all are experincing on a personel level, but also on a global level, are what you could call hints or signs that the energi source of all creation are stepping up its frekvens or input of evolution energi.

In spirituel circels its mentioned as the divine source are compleating its plan with the planet and those on it. It means a new reality where humanity will eventually become a part of a Cosmic communion with other planet and civilisation in love and light.

So my idea is that a lot of the things going on, is the beginning of the process of entering a new reality, where there is only love and light, and the dark forces finally are put to a halt. So you could see the time we are in now, is a pause between to worlds, where the many people can accomplish a lot in a very short time when it comes to there own growth.

I see it also as a time where as many as possible of the dark forces are been giving a chance to accept the light, and start now to evolve in a different direction. One could say it is the battle for Souls!

We are not alone in our struggle or fight, we have the beings of the Light realms including very advanced and loving beings from other starsystem to help us out, to help the planet and humanity!

So what we can do is simply doing our best, we all have things we are good at, our daily life has many challenges to overcome, many joys to be happy about.

Sooner or later in the near future I am sure of, there will be som sort of Divine Intervention, one way or another, therefore its important to do the best you can now with what you are good at, so we can become co-operative with creation and Cosmos.

Without any doubt i can say that Humanity have Cosmic brothers and sisters out there, that looks upon us with great unconditionel love, and at some point they will be ready to help us out, more than they are doing now under cover, or not known to the public!

Humanity's future are bright and golden, I think Earths destiny is to become a Paradise planet, and that we are on our way.

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